Summer 2012 • Issue 44, page 23

Assignment of Rents Receiverships Move to Los Angeles Superior Court Departments 85 and 86

By Meiers, Honorable Barbara*

Richard Ormond of the Buchalter firm received the following note from Judge Barbara Meiers of the Los Angeles Superior Court:

Just a word of thanks to the receivership committee for inviting me to be actively involved and informed since my assignment to Department 12 as a receivership court. As I understand it, and as you are probably aware, as of June 1, 2012, "assignment of rent" receiverships will be going to Departments 85 and 86 (according to the odd or even case number) along with other receivership matters. Although Department 12 will become a general jurisdiction trial court on that date, which is an interesting assignment, I am very sorry to see the end of Department 12 as a special proceedings court. I have never enjoyed an assignment more in all my years on the bench, and this is in very large part because of the quality and conduct of the attorneys appearing before me in this specialized area. They seem always to be on top of things, knowledgeable about the law, courteous to other counsel and certainly to the court. I have no way, generally speaking, to convey my thanks and appreciation to all those in the "receivership bar" who have contributed to making this assignment so enjoyable, but if you happen to have an avenue through which you might be able to let others know of my appreciation it would be very welcome.

Thank you, Judge Barbara Meiers