Winter 2013 • Issue 46, page 1

The Daring Experiment

By Dunfee, Gordon*

Early in 2012, a new plan was adopted by the CRF State Board. After four previous Loyola programs that focused on the basics, it was time to move on. There was little debate amongst the CRF Board on the merits of zeroing in on more advanced materials. This was to be a program designed to make the experienced receivers even better. Was it bold and unprecedented for the CRF? Yes, that it was.

But wait, there was more from the planning team: why not eliminate the time tested panel of talking heads and instead make it interactive with the audience? Throw in some live questions, comments, and debated points via text and emails, and we will have possibly created a living, breathing cuisine of receivership The state board and Loyola leadership and all members of their entourage plunged head long into new waters for CRF. Oh, and let's add one more wrinkle to the mix: let’s ordain every attendee to share all their collective experience, wisdom, and random thoughts to make for a lively two days of brain fun.

With all hands on deck Loyola V Complex Case Symposium was planned, organized and executed with the precision of a Rose Bowl marching band. I had the honor to sit in on every session and marveled at the attendee's enthusiasm in not just supporting this program, but also enriching it with their interaction among the sages on the stage and the sages in the seats. It went beyond educational experience, it entered the realm of, dare I say it, enjoyable professional enlightenment.

The selection, organization, the materials and team work of the speakers, as led by the fearless education co-chairs and session producers was like no other Loyola. In each session room there was such lively and interactive discussion, it made it difficult to conclude the action at the ring of the final bell. The speakers were a rare gathering of active State, Federal and Bankruptcy Judges, with a cadre of silver-tongued, highly experienced professionals who seemed to be having as good a time as the attendees.

The Irvine Hilton location proved another link in the chain of success with great rooms, conference facilities, excellent food, ease of access and an all around good vibe for our grand event.

It was a smashing success! Thanks to all who contributed to make this all happen in such a grand fashion. A special thanks to Nancy Hotchkiss, the Loyola V Honorary Chair, who shepherded the Board members and symposium leadership team through most of 2012.