Winter/Spring 2016 • Issue 57, page 27

Retirements of Los Angeles Writs & Receivers Judges Bruce Mitchell and Joanne B. O'Donnell

By Mirman, Alan*

Bruce Mitchell, a fine judicial officer known for his fair treatment of receivers, counsel and all parties, has retired. Commissioner Mitchell served in the Los Angeles Superior Court for 26 years, in the writs and receivers departments, then in Dept. 59 hearing class action and eminent domain matters, along with a decade of responsibility for rents and profits receivership matters divided between Departments 59 and 66. Bruce’s retirement will be filled with a combination of mediation (with ADR Services) and meditation (he just returned from a month in India devoted to spiritual practice). No doubt he has the disposition and tools to be an excellent mediator. He has positive memories of his service on the bench in receivership matters and compliments the professionalism and courtesy of receivers and their counsel. Commissioner Mitchell remembers well the animated attempts to resolve the battle over whether liens for health and safety repair costs could be entitled to superiority treatment. He spoke a number of times on CRF panels and remains an active member of the Forum. Best of luck in the future, Bruce.

Without fanfare, Judge Joanne B. O’Donnell, who ably served in the LASC Writs and Receiver’s Departments, has retired from the bench effective March 16. No news yet on what lies ahead for her, or who will replace her. Judge O’Donnell was known for precision and extensive tentative rulings. We wish her the very best in the future.